Appendix B of SHMGC Procedures and Policy Manual

SHMGC Policies and Procedures for Handicapping (Revised July 30, 2017)

The Handicap Committee within the Shadow Hills Men’s Golf Club (SHMGC) is responsible for all aspects of the USGA Handicap System, including the computation of each member’s Handicap Index.  As a committee, they verify that all acceptable scores are reported for handicap purposes. Also, scorecard audits are performed and all recorded scores are available for peer review.

SHMGC Handicap Committee Members

Handicap Chairman:  Percy Serrano                  

Handicap Committee: Les Widerynski, Bill Johnson

As a committee, they ensure compliance with the USGA Handicap System, including peer review.

The entire committee consists of members of the Shadow Hills Men’s Golf Club.  The Handicap Committee has set forth the following policies and procedures for all members using the USGA Handicap System:

  1. Post all acceptable home and away scores, including from 9-hole rounds.
  2. All scores must be posted within 48 Hours of the round being played.
  3. Equitable Stroke Control adjustments must be applied to all gross scores for posting purposes.

What is an Acceptable Score?

  • If 7 to 12 holes are played, the player must post a 9-hole score.
  • If 13 or more holes are played, the player must post an 18-hole score.
  • Scores from match play, stroke play and team competitions.
  • If a player in match play or team match play is requested to pick up when out of contention on any hole.  In these cases, a score for any unfinished hole must be recorded as the most likely score had the player completed the hole not to exceed Equitable Stroke Control.  For an unplayed hole, a score must be recorded as par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on that hole (net par).
  • If a player is disqualified or withdraws from a competition but has an acceptable score, it must be posted.

All acceptable scores must be posted within 48 Hours using one of the following methods:

  • Posting computer at any golf course utilizing GHIN
  • Shadow Hills Men’s Club website
  • website or website or GHIN app
  • Scorecards returned to the Handicap Chair for posting Thursday Men's Club events

To ensure proper ESC-posting, the committee asks that all players submit their scorecards from open play on any course to the scorecard box in the Pro Shop for auditing by the Handicap Committee.

Disciplinary Actions for failure to post or for manipulating a Handicap Index will be:

  1. First failure to post or potential manipulation of your score will result in an email warning
  2. Second and subsequent failures may result in an email advising you of the appropriate penalty round issued.  (A penalty round is the lowest score of the last twenty rounds).
  3. Also, after your Third and continued failure to post your score or manipulation of your scores, further disciplinary action may be taken by the Handicap Chair and Committee that is deemed fair and equitable to the members of the Shadow Hills Men’s Golf Club.

A player must earn a Handicap Index.  No player has an inherent right to a Handicap Index without providing full evidence of his ability to the Handicap Committee.  Also, the Handicap Committee has the ultimate authority and obligation to the Shadow Hills Men’s Golf Club to adjust a Handicap Index if it feels necessary to do so.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the Handicap Chairman:

Percy Serrano

Phone:  760-565-7586/email:                              Revised July 30, 2017


Posting Scores

Member's scores may be post on this website; at the SH Golf Club Pro Shop; or online at either or For Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) adjustments, use your GHIN Course Handicap as the basis.

To post a score on this website, go to the "Handicaps" Tab then down to the "Post a Score" Tab and follow USGA format/instructions.


Posting Handicaps for SHGC and Other GHIN Clubs

Using the GHIN System, member's Indices and Handicaps for play on the Shadow Hills South Course (Blue, White, and Green Tees) and other GHIN System Clubs, are updated on the first and fifteenth of each month and posted on this website. Rounds posted before 9:00 p.m. on the fourteenth or on the last day of each month will be included in these updates.


Posting Scores for Play at Non-GHIN Clubs

For many Canadians and residents from other states, you may now enter your IGN # and Association into the GHIN System.  This will allow both systems to be updated every time you post a score to either.  (For detailed instructions on how to do this, click "Here")